Multi-Functional Coating

Anti-static, Anti-bacteria & Anti-pollution coating solution for plastic surface


  • High Transmittance
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Good Visibility
  • Anti-Finger print (Easy to clean)


  • Functional coating for display
  • Functional coating for industrial parts
  • Materials for automobiles and electron components
 Representative ValueNote
Pencil Hardness≥ 2HPET film base / 750g
Transmittance (%)≥ 90%PET film base / ASTM D1003
Haze (%)≤ 1%PET film base / ASTM D1003
Contact Angle≥ 110DI Water
Antimicrobial Activity3.0 (99.9%) ↑JIS Z 2801
Surface ResistanceE9~11 ΩST-4
Coating MethodMicro Gravure, Slot die, Comma, Spray / Roll to Roll Coating, Flow Coating

* Property based on 100um PET / Drying : 80℃ Ⅹ 2min, UV curing : 600mJ/㎠