Functional Hard Coating

Functional Hard Coating Solutions


  • High Transmittance
  • Low Friction Coefficient
  • Good Visibility
  • Anti-Finger Print (Easy to clean)


  • Functional coating for display (OLED, LCD)
  • Hard coating for display
    (Base on coating solution for diffusion film& Prism back coating)
  • Anti-Finger print for touch screen
 AB CoatingHard CoatingAF Coating
Pencil HardnessH - 2H3H2H - 3H
Transmittance (%)>89%>89%Over 99%
Haze (%)<1%<1%<1%
Coefficient of Friction< 0.3--
Clean Property--10-15 times (Oil Based Pen)
Contact Angle75º - 95º-100º - 105º
Coating MethodMicro Gravure, Slot die, Comma --> Roll to Roll coating, Flow coating